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New Online Games
Games for your website
You can add the following games to your website or blog for free! You can either use the copy-paste code that's provided on game page, or you can download a compressed file which includes the game file and icon.
Suislidal is a quick and simple arcade game, where you must control the protagonist's horizontal movements as he bounces from spike to spike. Impale yourself as many times as possible in 60 seconds, with added bouncy-bouncy. The game is fast-paced and rewards precise skill with large combo chains for masses of points.
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Make group of same beetles by drawing shapes on them. There are 7 interesting levels in this game. Draw minimum shapes to catch maximum beetle for getting Gold score. Must aware of special beetles, whether they are helpful or dangerous!
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Turn all the clod tiles in sod one to complete the football field (and the level!). The target is to turn all the clods in the level into sods. Play clicking on mouse on the tile you want to switch. 28 total levels, you unlock a level anytime you complete the previous one. You can also replay a completed level trying to improve your score!
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Juliet's NightmareJuliet's Nightmare
Help Juliette to sleep well! In Juliet's Nightmare you need to destroy awful vision of sleeping Juliette by shooting them in groups or alone. Use your quick reaction and attention to destroy monsters but don't touch "sleeping princess"! Lot of levels, bonuses and funny gameplay will not leave anyone indifferent.
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In captivating puzzle Sota you have the chance to work as satellite installer. At every 40 levels you have limited amount of satellite stations which you need to install on the map. Your task is to cover with signal all or nearly all gaming field on each level. Obstacles interfere signal passing so it may be not so easy as it might seem from the first sight.
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The RiddanceThe Riddance
From time to time there is such moment when Giant Humanlike Robots rise against humanity reviving them in the history of our Universe future. In The Riddance game such moment came. At each game level, the player has to get to teleport. He can do this only by destroying some of the blocks. Pass all 30 levels and get ready to epic fight with boss. Stop robots until they stop people!
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Square friendsSquare friends
Though, someone may like solitude but sometime such time occurs when you need to talk to someone. Even, if you are a square. In Square friends flash game you just need to help a small blue square to find it different color friends. It is so in a hurry that only walls can stop him so the exit from labyrinth, where it is looking for friends, gets rather tricky.
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Tetrisoid is an interesting variation of classical game with original design. All this tetris elements seem to be performed on a squared notebook sheet by ordinary rolling writer. At the simplest level (Standard) we meet usual tetris, common to everyone. At Hard level the blocks get more difficult and the most difficult at Unreal level.
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Mysterious TreasuresMysterious Treasures
When it goes about pirate treasuries you need to be careful. Especially when such treasures are guarded by the guardian, capable to control adventure seeker consciousness. You can try yourself in the battle with mystical guardian in "Mysterious Treasures" flash game. Your task is to pick up "HAPPY" coins at each level and try avoiding picking up "CURSED" coins. The player and guardian go one by one.
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Groom on the runGroom on the run
Freedom is the main thing! If you are inveterate bachelor  the marriage   will be a kind of punishment for you. In any case, the hero of "Groom on the run" game considers exactly like this. Help the groom to avoid such   hateful family life and test your deftness and attentiveness at the   same time.  Jump over the gulfs, shoot annoying brides from the laser   and see if you manage to be bachelor at least few minutes.
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